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987 Rear Hatch counterweight operation..


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Can anyone explain the dynamics of the rear hatch counterweight? I have accessed mine in an attempt to fix the infamous rattle (nod of thanks to WindyMiller). Such a cryptic design - to what problem was this the solution? If simple resonance, would not conventional damping material have been the long-lasting solution..or am I, as yet, too new to the marque to get the philosophy..?



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Hi Lysander - glad the ‘how to’ was helpful for you. 👍🏻

I think I’ve read somewhere before that the mass acts to counter-out resonance / vibrations of the trunk lid at certain speeds that can create a kind of ‘booming’ noise in the cabin. 🤔🤷‍♂️

it doesn’t seem a somewhat ‘elaborate’ and flawed solution - if there’s one opinion I’ve developed about porsche designers, it’s that they like to adopt an overly complicated approach to many things (though equally ‘beautiful’) - cup holders being a great example...

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......thought  so! Having taken the cupholder apart to fix erratic latching, I imagined a whole section in the Stuttgart drawing office office tasked with creating the cupholder equivalent of a Swiss watch. Having nearly succeeded, they were awarded the job of deadlocking flat battery access. They excelled with that - can’t beat a Porsche for hidden wheezes.

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