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radio upgrade or swap


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hi guys I have outgoing boxster (14) with pcm and I just bought a 981 cayman gts non pcm with Bose 


am I able to swap the radio units over and it work or is it much more technical like ecu needs coding etc if that's the case 


then can anyone recommend a good aftermarket? 

I think the cayman has the standard Cdr no nav or dab and I can't even play music from phone, iv heard of bluetooth devices for the jack aux in glovebox but id like to modernise it and have a unit which has nav like google maps or android auto etc


so annoying the boxster has the better but can't complain to much the cayman has climate control and that bugged me alot in the boxster without that


thanks for any advice in advance il upload 2 pics of the units in my cars.





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people say good things about this kit that replaces the board in the OEM stereo along with some other modules:




The only reason i've not done mine is the risk of invalidating my warranty so have not pulled the trigger yet.  Lots of videos on youtube

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hi, yeh iv seen on planet 9 forum about this I think il go down this route when I get some funds together, thinking of installing blackvue parking cam too 

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I put a new Sony XAV 550 head unit in my 981. Works brilliantly with carplay.


I'm swapping my 2013 CS for a 2016 Cayman GTS this week. Problem I have is that the new car has Bose and it's looking like a problem to get the headunit and Bose to play. There doesn't seem to be a conversion wiring harness to make it worth and Googles not coming up with anything either.


Anyone had experience of this, I can't be the first.

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