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Missing “non-existent” part in the trunk/boot 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Hi all,


Happy to join the forum as a new 987.1 owner!


I’m glad to have found an enthusiast’s car that has been absolutely lavished with care with only a few cosmetic issues.


One of these is a missing insert in the trunk. It snaps into a square hole in rear boot trim (987 555 251 00) and receives the stem of the knob (999 590 056 40) that holds the trim (987 551 651 01) covering the tail light access. Turning the knob 90 degrees looks it into this insert.


I checked and it’s not part of either trim itself nor does it come with the knob and doesn’t appear on the Porsche part diagrams. (Illustration 807-01)


Without it there’s no way to secure the cover and I can head the knob pop in and out under acceleration and braking.



Anyone have any ideas? My local Porsche dealer hasn’t been able to help.


Much appreciated!!



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Hmmm... It seems that it may actually be part of the trim piece after some more reseach based on pictures, just that the OEM one I ordered was missing them. They may have just fallen out, will try to swap..

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🤔 is it something you could get 3D printed if you had the dimensions?


can you take a photo of the area or screen shot the parts catalogue page perhaps, I can’t think of the part you mean, and I’ve had my rear light covers off a couple of times for bumper removal recently.

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