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Is mfs really a deal breaker

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I have now put a deposit on my perfect cayman s.  It has the ideal spec i was looking for and a few other nice additions.  One of the nice surprises was the carbon pack. This however comes with the carbon multifunction steering wheel.  


Now i know the buttons are universally hated but I've personally never tried them.  Admittedly on track i would likely be in auto or use the stick. I have a family bmw with paddles and actually they feel wrong for sprited driving and i prefer to use the gear stick possibly due to only ever having manual cars. 


I know it's a personal thing but im feeling its worth giving it a go especially if it matches with the whole carbon look.


Opinions from those with mfs wheels please.  



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I don't have the MFS so can't comment on the comparison but it should be possible to swap it for the Sport Design wheel (though not cheap).  


Depending on your intended use, I'd be more concerned about the PDK box than paddles vs buttons for changing gears.  I've had my 981S for 3 years and still feel the PDK is the worst thing about the car.  My daily is auto which is great for that purpose but the PDK lacks the degree of engagement and driver control of a manual that I want in my fun car.  Even in "manual" mode, I never get the same sense of direct connection with the gearbox and drivetrain as I get from a proper manual.


But I'm clearly in a small minority!

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See now i can reason with that as all of my fun cars have always been manual.  But then after a go in a dct m3 around a circuit and a few tries in nissan GTRs i decided autos have other benefits.  Being able to concentrate more on steering and braking, car position and weight transfer was more involving as i had more time to consider things.  Without the need for clutch in, right gear, right rpm, clutch out all while managing the other stuff probably comes naturally to better drivers than me or ones with more time to practise. 


I see the steering wheel can easily be swapped at an eye watering cost but the fact its plastic and not even metal does seem a bit....  meh


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Ok so this deal fell apart when the car for sale arrived into the dealers. The pics and videos were sent but the advertised options, chrono,  pse, pasm etc were all missing and it was instead just about as basic as you can get. 


Expecting my deposit back this week.  



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