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Panic function on key fob?

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Does anyone know if the Cayman 987 (2007) has a 'panic' alarm function on the key fob e.g. if you see someone trying to break in you can activate the alarm remotely?

There is obviously no dedicated button to do this but I wondered if holding or double pressing one would do it?



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Going by this thread it doesn't seem so




slightly off topic, I was thinking of getting the Ghost Immobiliser II fitted.

My reckoning is, an alarm wont stop a car getting stolen, nor will having a tracker, but a Ghost Immobiliser II will make it impossible to even start the car. 




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I thought the ghost can allow them to drive it for a short distance and then stop? (A useful add on would be for a bazooka round up their jacksie at the same time). :)



Better than the perps sitting in your drive, realising it won't start and popping back in to ask you for the code?

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5 hours ago, andygo said:

I thought the ghost can allow them to drive it for a short distance and then stop?


Nope, it makes it instantly stall. Seems good huh, would you agree?


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Keeping with the off topic theme, and apologies for doing so, but, yes, nearly got one for my Golf 7.5r a couple of years ago.


If it only imobilises the car in your drive, I suspect the thieves, having obtained your keys from your house by some means - often by a break in - they can revisit to have a chat.


My son recently had his Golf R pinched by scrotes breaking into his house one night. He only realised when he woke up in the morning to find the front door open.


Freaked his two young daughters  (aged 6 and 8 ) out resulting in them sleeping with mum and dad for some time afterwards.


He said he was thankful he didn't have an additional immobiliser fitted as it could have got nasty.


Plod eventually found his car and watched it for a couple of days. Turned out it was a recently released thief who's garage was full of all sorts of tasty stolen parts. He's been put away again for 3 years, but that jasn't really helped my sons NCB and his daughters upset.


No idea what the solution is though.

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oh what a terrible story, thank you for sharing and best wishes to your son and his family. You have got me thinking now, a bit of a lightbulb moment, of course if they have got into the car then they have serious intentions as would have broken into the house, and it all next level danger. I wonder then if its better for them to think they have got away with it, and the tracker is the better option. The frustration of not being able to get away with it could open up more danger. hmmmmm, unsure now on the Ghost! maybe a tracker is the one. 



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