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Headlight Scratches


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Hello all,


I'm looking to buy a 981CS. I've seen a car I like however when I viewed it the headlights were awfully scratched.


I've seen a few cars and they've all had some scratches but this one was particularly bad. I was wondering whether anyone has had something similar and whether this a remedy that people would recommend (without buying an all new set of lights!)?



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How badly (read: deeply) scratched are they?


I restored mine recently with a wet sand from 400 grit and it removed hazing/smaller rock chips, but bigger defects are still there. Perhaps a more aggressive sand would remove your scratches, but it's hard to know without seeing their depth.


Word to the wise: if you are going to sand your headlights, you need to finish up with a UV-blocking clear coat that's compatible with plastic. Otherwise your lights will yellow. Oh, and a polish obviously.

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Thanks for the advice! I've gone for the car so get a headlight restoration kit on order along with some UV-blocking clear coat.


Thanks again!!

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11 hours ago, andygo said:

What make of UV clear coat did you use please?



Personally, I used a Halfords lacquer, since I've found Halfords paints to be reasonable quality/cost. I can't remember exactly which one.


As their site says (e.g. here), "All our clear lacquers contain UV inhibitors".


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