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Rear carrier recall in US


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There is a 7 page thread about it on pistonheads and it looks like we will be getting recall letter's in due course. 


No uk dealer has stock of these uprated parts until November so 🤷 

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Got a recall letter on Friday, got on to my local OPC, not heard anything back - something like November before replacement parts are available.


Experienced OPC users - is there any chance they'll slip me a GT4 as a courtesy car?

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Ok i got a mail from Porsche Connect GB this morning to say my car was not one of the cars built with this faulty part. 


I'm not included in the recall and to please feel free to enjoy my car. 


So that's that then. 

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Mine was due in for recall on the 6th, got a call on 5th, parts are still in the Fatherland, unknown arrival date.


Apparently, if you say your car is mis-handling and making large banging noises, you get bumped up the priority list. Fortunately mine has been faultless, but I was tempted to fib and try and get in early.

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