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Hello from Portland Oregon, USA - the beautiful North West


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Discovered CaymanOC looks like a great resource.  Purchased a 2009 987.2 base, PDK, 100K miles.  Immediately took it to a couple of tracks.  Base engine is not too bad - will help keep me out of trouble.  Totally stock the car leans quite a bid in corners and understeers quite a bit.  On second track day dumped coolant all over track and towed it home.  Cause: ruptured water valve on inlet to PDK heat exchanger (does anyone know what the purpose of this valve is?)  Plan is to make street legal track car - items on order:  KW Clubsport, LCAs, F/R sway bars, APEX wheels, Nitto 01 tires, Sabelt 6 pt, Sabelt steering wheel w/proper paddles.  Should be fun.  Will reach out to those that are traking for some good advice.



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Welcome along, plenty of advice on here from all sorts! 

Sound like you gave the car a good test to find any weak points right away, stock cars can benefit from some spacers and a good wheel alignment, which would cancel out some of the understeering issues you found. 

But then if you are changing all of that to new then a good alignment to suit the new shocks etc will see you good. 

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