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Broken Dash Air Vent


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Hi all, just as I finally fixed one issue, another arises! 🙄

I moved the direction of the passenger side dash air vent and was greeted with a 'clunk' as the plastic 'fang' piece and metal spring which hold and move the vertical vanes fell out.  So now the vent can move horizontally but not vertically.  

Never had this happen before but a bit of a search suggests its a fairly common issue that has been occurring since the first 987's were put into production.

There seem to be a number of possible solutions suggested, from manoeuvring the piece back into position using a lot of intricate dexterity and patience, through to removing the vents either partially or completely from the dash.






Just wondered if anyone has ever had this issue and may have some good advice on which method to use?

Many thanks in advance.


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OK so I can confirm the 'manoeuvring back into position' solution does work, but it's bloody fiddly.  You need lots of light (a torch to shine into the vent so you can see what you're doing), tweezers, and lots of patience to get the piece back into position. 

Doesn't feel like a great bit of design though, so fingers crossed it doesn't pop out again anytime soon.

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