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987.2 3.8L Conversions UK


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Hello all,


Has anyone on here done a 3.8L conversion on a 987.2 in the UK?

Looking on eBay, used 3.8l 9a1 engines, in various states of completeness/miles, can be had for something in the region of £7-12K, new ones c. £25K or c. £15K if you trade in your existing one (suspect this would be revised upwards for when trading a 2.9/3.4 for a 3.8).


I know these swaps are common in the US, with bgb motorsports being a well known provider. Can be done to a 2.9 or a 3.4, though 2.9 also requires a EFI --> DFI conversion with Siemens rather than Bosch electronics.


Has anyone on here done this in the UK? Curious to hear reports of difficulty and cost.


I have searched and couldn't find much, but happy to be directed elsewhere if this has already been answered!

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