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Need help with the purchase of a 2009 Base Cayman at $28k/64k Miles


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I am looking at this 2009 Cayman with PDK. Seller has agreed on $28k sale price. From the photos, car looks great. I haven't test driven nor have gotten it evaluated by a mechanic. I know that there is no straight answer but would you guys go for this car at the $28k asking price?  Any major big ticket items i should be aware of on a car with this mileage?  This would be my first Porsche and all my knowledge is from Youtube. So I am skeptical of making the move. Any Advice?

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It sounds like you need to do a bit more homework before you're ready to jump in; have you read any of the Cayman buyer's guides that are out there? There is one on this site and at least half a dozen more that you'll find in a Google search. I've no idea what the US market looks like pricewise but it's all about service history and options. Got a link to the car?

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