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Ripped off my front splitter yesterday

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Very frustrating, a massive speed bump that had three distinct sides to it cracked the hell out of my fibreglass front splitter yesterday. Got it home and it was in two bits but still held to the car.




It's fibreglass which although looks brilliant when perfect, it's not ideal as realistaically as should be made of some kind of poly/rubber material with a degree of flex in it- one wrong move when parking and it would suffer badly from a kerb anyway.




I will repair and respray it in due course but might also make a new one, something a bit smaller. I believe some people have taken two Gen 1 Seat Leon Cupra R splitters and made one for their Porsches? I did something similar to an Audi TT many years ago and ended up looking quite good.




Anyway, this is how it looks presently. Not ideal but gives me so muh more ground clearance at the cost of cosmetics. Any ideas or other opinions on a replacement- let me know. I don't want to spend silly money on one as the risk of something like this happening again is moderately high in my area.



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Have a look at the Maxon Design splitters. 

I had one on a previous car which took several hit into kerbs before I remembered it was there, bar a coupld of scratches it never once cracked. 

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