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987.1 S PSE

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Having recently purchased my first Cayman, a 2008 3.4S in guards red, the seller had recently fitted a different exhaust. The car had approx £10k of factory extras including PSE. 

This was only removed from the car 2 months ago and was given to me by the seller. It’s in good condition and full working order when removed. I’m struggling to store it properly tbh and I believe they are a bit of a unicorn to find second hand. I’m told they are sought after and wondered what sort of price to advertise it for as I’ve had a couple of suggestions thrown at me which seem on the high side.


I thought you guys would give an idea of its true value.


Thanks in advance.





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I have the PSE on my on my 987.1 CS. Previously had thought of changing it for a Carnewal version, but then thought it is a lot of messing around changing the exhaust and then the studs connecting the exhaust manifold .

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The previous owner paid £250 at a Porsche indie in Feb to fit the exhaust as he sourced it separately. The invoice for fitting was in with all the paperwork that came with the car.

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Unfortunately it won’t fit a 987.2, although the 987.2 ones are actually cheaper.

Possibly the rarity of the 987.1 PSE that makes it more sought after and pushes up the price.

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