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I have on 07 987 cayman and have a leak of coolant  in the middle of the car I stripped down the engine covers to find the serpentine belt has shredded on 1/4 of the belt and the water pump is not square with the engine

I’m putting it into a garage to get the belt, tensioners and water pump replaced but I’m also going to get a full service done and brake pipes replaced.


Anything else I should replace , thermostat etc and where is the best place to get parts , I’m in the UK 


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For the water pump I would just go OE from a Porsche centre (say you’re a Porsche club member and give them any random 6 digit ‘membership’ number and get a 10% discount), although on a gen 1 you can also get a MEYLE HD pump I think. Don’t bother with any other brand (eg First Line). 

re all the other parts, a combo of car parts 4 less (uk agent of euro car parts and usually cheaper, even though exact same let’s delivered in ECP vans), or AUTODOC, and if you use the app you get an extra discount. 

also worth checking out frazerparts website and the Arnold Clark parts store on eBay has some surprisingly cheap OEM parts. 

good luck getting it all sorted. I had my water pump replaced a couple of years ago and it’s a simple enough job on a ramp for a workshop to do. 👍🏻

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I'll second everything that WindyMiller said. 


Water pump is an easy DIY job if you are slightly practical. No need for specialist tools, no difficult bits, just unbolt the old one and bolt in the new one. You'll save a bob or six if you do do it yourself but I appreciate that this isn't for everyone. 

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