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How bad could it be? 987.1

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Hi all,


I notice the oil was getting lower and decided to add some. When I went I noticed condensation around the water cap, opened the oil cap and seen what looks like white mayo. I assume this indicates that the head gasket might be on its way out?


I did think it would be more likely that the IMS or bore scoring would be the reason if there was to be issues with the engine, it has only done 57k miles in total.


Any advice? est costs? etc

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How often and how long do you usually drive? If short and infrequent, it's possible to get a bit of mayo on the oil cap due to condensation. Longer drives getting up to temp and running at temp for long periods tends to burn the condensation out of the oil. I've never seen mayo on my 987s, but they've all been driven a decent distance regularly.


Head gaskets failures on these cars are fairly unusual. Costs for that reason not sure. Will not be remotely cheap, however.

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