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Snetterton Track Day Sun 26th Feb 2023

Cayman RS

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So I’m taking the Cayman round Snett on Sunday. 
it’ll be the first time for the little Crocodile, and I’m looking forward to seeing how she does compared to my last track/ road car, a Mini R53 ex challenge car.

Ive had a busy winter and ditched and changed a load of parts. She now has -35mm H&R springs and H&R anti roll bars front and back, GT4 carbon side scoops, carbon R rear spoiler, Northampton motorsport set up, (they know their Porkies) EBC blue NDX pads, sprint booster to get rid of that awful lag, K&N, GT3 Alcantara wheel…..and some other stuff. 

be good to see any members there, look for the Black Gen 2 Cayman.


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So day went really well, cold track temps, but suspension mods worked perfectly even with Road based Mich pilot sport 4s.

I totally get what Northampton Motorsports were saying about not overdoing the camber when you have the beefy HR anti roll bar kit front and rear along with a 30 mm drop, they set the car at just -1.5 camber front and -1.7 rear. I always thought more camber, better handling. Not true. The aim is to get the maximum tyre contact patch on the opposite side to the corner. If you have standard tin foil ARBs (the std rears are embarrassingly thin) then you need more camber than this as the car will not be as flat in a corner as with uprated ARBs. 
I ran an R53 mini challenge car with -2.8 front and rear and uprated rear sway bar so the setting for the Cayman seemed very mild. I was wrong, they were right.

I can’t recommend the guys there enough.

roll on next one, car was faultless👍


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