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Help... U.K based new 987 owner, MOT and no front sidelights


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Hi, I'm new to the forum. Owner of a black 2007 987 2.7 manual. 80k. Stock with FSH, dealership and indys.


Have the car just under a year and now its due the MOT. Only thing I see wrong is that I have no front sidelights....


I assume they are within the headlights. 

Going to check fuse first but cannot seem to find any relating fuse in the fuse box diagram...I'm reading there is a power control unit or something now up front... as all the front lights are working 100%, could this be the problem?


I will check bulbs tomorrow to start with...


Any ideas out tnere?


Thanks in advance



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Hi Frank,


I believe the sidelights are part of the fog light on these cars. (thats off the top of my head)


Worth turning the dial and walking around the front to see if anything lights up :)


Ill have a gander after work if not for you. 


I have xenon's so not sure if that makes a difference.

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Update..correct,  the sidelight bulbs are in the front foglights but when I we t to look at them....both are missing....amd look to have been for some for some time as the fog light screws are rusted very badly and had to use caution removing them as not to damage screws.... I'm wondering now why we're they removed(? Are they blowing  fuses, causing a short etc. I'm aphrenssive on fitting new bulbs incase I cause some harm....

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Fitted new bulbs which were missing and fog lights are working perfect.  Only thing now is I'm left with PSM  warning light on as my father decided to pull out fuses to check them first. Drove the car about 100 mile and light is still on. Gonna try a car diagnostic tool next. 

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