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In my desire to do some coding modifications to my car, I have explored a lot of the coding options available.  Some are expensive and some are not.  It mostly depends on how useable and repeatedly you will want to use the tools.  Some coding examples are:

  • Removing the shift up indicators.
  • Persisting the auto start-stop setting between ignition cycles.
  • Persisting AC settings between ignition cycles.
  • Increasing the indicator light press to 5 flashes rather than 3.
  • Setting the oil gauge back to the original 4 bars rather than 1 "OK" bar.


Option 1 is a PIWIS 3 clone of some sorts.  These clones are usually pretty expensive and can be tempremental to get working (I know this from similar experiences with Honda HDS).  You will need some degree of computer literacy to use one of these as they are usualy packaged as a virtual machine or on a dedicated laptop.  The main drawback of PIWIS 3 is that all coding is in German and it only works on Porsche cars.  Prices vary from £400-£1000.  If you're a Porsche specialist and/or pretty competent with Windows, this is for you.


Option 2 is a Launch X431 device, like the X431 Pro or CRP919X/CRP919E.  They are all based the same software, just with slower hardware, physical buttons over touchscreen, etc.  These devices do not require a sub to use.  They do require a sub to update, but provided you have no need for future updates/newer vehicles it's a solid option. They work on multiple manufacturers.  Prices vary from £300-£500 depending upon the hardware you choose.  If you're going to code multiple vehicles over many years, this is for you.


Option 3 is a Launch Thinkdiag OBD adapter that uses an Android device to run the software.  The drawback is that it requires a subscription for continued use beyond year 1 (the first year is included for free).  It works on multiple manufacturers.  Price for the dongle and a 1 year sub are about £80.  If you're looking to code your vehicle/others once and likely never again, this is the choice.  An extra 2 year licence is about £70 if that can assist with your long term decision making.  For a single use on a single car, I believe this is pretty hard to beat in terms of cost efficiency.


The folks on the 718forum have done a lot of the hard work around this.  I was able to code everything that I wanted in 10 minutes or so.  The thread is here: https://www.718forum.com/threads/718-coding-with-x431.25831


If you have one of the Launch devices above, here's the guide for you to get down to business and doing some coding: https://rennlist.com/forums/attachments/991/1372084d1704383350-thinkdiag-magic-x431-coding-guide-by-ken-g-and-croc-2.0.pdf


I'm happy to help anyone here do some coding.  Come visit me in South Wales and I'll happily do some coding for you!  FREE OF CHARGE.  This is not me selling services.  I just like to tinker with things! 😁

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