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Well not literally, but unfortunately the time has come to say goodbye to Carmen the Cayman. After being stung with a couple of big bills and the recent minor showing up another 2k worth of work required I decided she had to go. That and I have been keeping an eye on her oil consumption and recently I have been putting a litre in for around 600 miles I decided I don't want the cost. Tyres are 3mm all round and she is nearly at 60k miles in the original AOS, original clutch, water pump is making a whiney noise I just didn't want to plough more money into what is a 10 year old car. To that end I traded it in for a brand new m135i with every option ticked. Pre reg with 4 miles on the clock for £29k. 


I know now I might regret it but the thought of a rebuild and the increased rate of high bills has led me to starting to worry about it. 


Oh oh and I will have a full set of zunsport front x3  and rear grills x2 for sale if anybody is interested.  front centre one has never even been fitted. 

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Understandable to get rid, as I did with my 2003 E46 330ci cab at 125k miles when things started needing replacing. Never used any oil though, just suspension parts wearing. Body still sound after 11 years. I loved that car. Very similar to drive to the 981 strangely.


But after nine BMWs over 28 years I tried to like another one, but they'd lost "it" for me. You'll be back...

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Well congratulations Mark on the new car, sure looks lovely and those 135s are pretty capable cars.   


Of course, you're always welcome here - Cayman or not :) 

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