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iPods and Bluetooth on a 987 Gen1

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So, newbie questions I am afraid...

Looking at the standard CD/Radio Headunit in a Gen1 987 Cayman, How easy (or not) is it to get an iPod interfaced to it and/or Bluetooth for both Hands free Phone usage, and music streaming?

My impression from other forum posts is that this is not especially easy - Denison ICELink has been mentioned, but are there any other integrated of OEM solutions?

Can doing this cause any issues with the Porsche Warranty?


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I looked onto this Mark and decided that sticking with Porsche options or interfering  with them by a direct coupling would be beyond my pocket.

I ended up buying a 7 inch multi media/ gps  screen that had a wireless rear camera and parking sensor, Bluetooth so it talks to my IPhone and an FM transmitter that then re transmitted sound through the oem radio.

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