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Driving and Phone use.


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Whilst driving along yesterday on the way to work with a collogue of mine, we were discussing the benefits of the AutoApps on phones and how that would fall within using a phone whilst driving, now that there are points and fines awarded for using a phone. I'm sure the Police will be very hot on it for the next few months especially. 


We then got onto such things as 'Mirror Link' which basically copies your phone functionality over to the cars head-unit allowing you to use most of the phone features. 

Now, with the laws on phone use whilst driving being a no no, which I agree on, where does that stop with people who are using there phone as a music player, or a sat nav.... the law basically states that you should be in contact with your device.

But what when you are using your head-unit to scroll through music, or search the internet and makes calls... there really isn't much difference other that the name of the device that you are touching. 


I wonder how long it will be, if it hasn't happened already, until someone is in court arguing their ticket and stating that they were scrolling through Spotify on their phone screen and not sending an SMS.



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