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De-Snorkel or not?


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Hi all

ive been looking at the intake options for my 987 and I was wondering what the group's experience is with "de-snorkelling". 

I guess this involves removing the plastic flap that sits behind the gills on the intake side and putting some mesh over the intake to prevent ingress of anything bad. Surely this will get more air in - a good thing - without any danger?

I guess it's obvious that aiming the jet wash into the intake is bad, but normal driving (even in rain) shouldn't be a worry.....

all thoughts and ideas appreciated 



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I de-snorked my CR and had absolutely no problems at all. I did the job myself in my own garage. In total the job took under 2 hours to complete. By far the most difficult job is removing the air intake grill without breaking the plastic clips. I used an old table knife and thin bladed screwdriver to prise open the clips. It's a scary few minutes, but once you have the first one done the others are easier. Replacing the grill is far simpler.  


Once done, I found it gave the car a slightly more throaty intake roar, especially when combined with a hi-flow cotton air filter such as BMC or K&N. It is a worthwhile mod in my opinion although I'm not saying there is any noticeable performance gain. 


I had no problems at all with water ingress into the intake. Just avoid directing the jet wash lance into the intake.


I still have the black painted mesh, "O" rings for fixing the mesh onto the plastic lugs, and spare used cotton air filters in my garage. PM me if you are interested.





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