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Cayman R Stuck In Neutral


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My Cayman R has been parked up for a couple of weeks and when I went to take it out of the garage last night I’m not able to select any gears. The gear lever will move left and right in the gate (car is in neutral) but has no fore and aft movement. I’ve tried engaging gears with the engine switched off but still no luck.


Thinking it might be the clutch not disengaging I’ve pumped the pedal multiple times but, given that gears won’t select with the engine off, I don’t think the clutch is at fault.


When pushing the lever forward or pulling it back (not too hard as I don’t want to break anything) I can hear a slight squeaking noise from under the centre console which I’m taking to mean that the linkage cable bushings are deflecting.


Everything I’ve read online so far has revolved around the cables breaking leaving the car stuck in gear – I’ve not found anyone with a similar issue to mine. I can only think that perhaps the gear linkages are seized at the gearbox end of the car – has anyone experienced anything like this?


Any ideas appreciated, not quite sure how I’m going to get it anywhere to have someone look at it if it’s not a simple DIY fix!


Thanks in advance.

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Had a bit of a hunch that it might just be a combination of the cold weather and being sat for a while so gave the shifter a slightly harder shove and it's freed up now. 


I'm guessing the issue was at one of the ball joints either at the shifter end or transmission end. Hopefully more frequent use will prevent reoccurrence.


Guess it might cause an issue at some point so will need looked at next time the car is on a ramp for whatever reason but OK for now!

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Hi Andy,


Yep, I'm suspecting that will be a good course of action when I get the chance. Took it for a proper drive on Saturday though and everything has freed off fine once it got up to temperature.


Maybe just a little cry for help after being parked up while I was on holiday but definitely worth getting things inspected and greased to prevent it happening again and preserve the life of the cables!



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