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Bore Scores


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Hi Guys, I've recently bought a 2006 Cayman S, great spec and love the car but due to reading many forums and Google I'm a little concerned about bore scoring, although mine isn't showing any signs, no smoke  ( just the normal small amount up on first starting ), apparently number 6 piston had been done a couple of years ago, no invoice for job done just receipts for all the parts, can anybody give me some advise to put mind at rest so I can enjoy the car.


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Hi and Welcome!  


You can go 2 ways with it.  If there isn't excessive smoke or oil usage then just enjoy the car and try not to get too paranoid about it.  The other option if you really can't sleep at night is to get a borescope test done by a reputable independent Porsche specialist who will explain the results to you and decide if anything is wrong with the car.  


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Hi Mark!  


Agree with Tom, i'd just enjoy the car.  The Gen1 cars do have a tendency to use more oil than you'd be used to, but if it needs a litre every 500 miles then you've got problems.  How mush is it using?

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Hi Mark


I have a 2007 S which had the engine rebuild about 10,000 miles ago due to the previous owner being paranoid. 

Mine uses about 1/4 litre oil every 500 miles so it's normal to use oil - especially if you do lots of short trips. 

Just enjoy the car - don't worry too much - if you see smoke or use a lot of oil - then get it checked out. 

Good luck - have fun. 


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It's difficult to tell how much oil it's using as I'm not using it too much at moment, I had oil changed about 250 miles ago but only been doing short journeys, it's dropped 1 segment on dashboard check, not sure how accurate that really is. Think I might top it up again and keep a note of the miles I'm doing. Love the car and don't want to sell it if I'm just being paranoid about all the borescore talk ?

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