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Anyone ever had piston play in a damper?


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I've been chasing down a problem on my steering for a while a slight semi metallic knocking sensation.


I run a garage so we've not been too shy at changing parts over to try and track this down. We had slight Lower ball joint play so did both bottom arms. As a precaution it's also had top mounts and bearings/tre's and drop links but the problem is still there.


We've been pretty busy of late so I put the  car in with Porschetek in Leeds who were very helpful and pointed out some play in the piston of both front dampers.  


Before we charge ahead swapping these I wondered if anyone had experienced something similar? The amount of play I think does roughly equate to the sensation I've had but at £500 it's a bit of an expensive punt....



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I have a similar steering flutter, we found play in the ball joints of both front coffin arms so got those changed, better but not perfect. mot flagged some play in track rod end rose joint so I will change both and see if this cures it.

I would recommend that you get the front up, then give the front wheels a good hard shake. a left to right shake should feel any track rod or bottom arm bush play and an up n down shake should reveal any strut  or inner bush issues. next try putting a long crowbar between the tyre and the ground and violently bouncing the front wheel as if you were driving over cobbles. any play in the strut damping inc a loose piston will be felt. hope this helps.

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