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Black spoiler


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Checking out a price may help you decide. 

I changed my side intake slats to Black. 


Wrapping  was was quoted at £160 per side plus VAT


To be fair the guy expressed concerns about wrapping due to the shapes. Not sure if the same will apply to the shape of the Spoiler? 


Respray by the same company was £170 plus VAT for the pair.


Im not handy with the paint , so got a mate who works in the trade to spray them using an aerosol. However it was all about the prep. They were rubbed down, primed, primed again, sprayed several times  and then lacquered. I'd say you'd be hard pressed to tell if they were not the originals.



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I got mine wrapped and the lower half of my wings as well.  Spoiler is OK as there are not that many curves.  The wing mirrors are more tricky and I anticipate issues.  Wraps are supposed to last for 2 years in my high humidity climate. 



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Thanks for the info guys, I've also been thinking about Hydrographic dip and then they put loads of lacquer on but will it last..

A genuine carbon one looks like it will set me back about £800 plus 

Think I might go gloss black painted to match my wing mirrors side vents & wheels..




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I'm also looking for some new wheel centres, l want full colour Porsche crest and black background 

any ideas where to get ( not cheapo crap fleabay ones though)



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