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No sound when ipod connected

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I have just acquired a Caymen S and I'm having trouble with the Bose sound system. The radio and CD player works fine but when I connect an ipod, it finds the tracks OK and the display indicates that the song is playing, but there's no sound. Is anyone able to help please. Thanks.


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Hi Mike, 


Couple of questions; 


What year is your car?  


Is it PCM (Satnav) or CD player only? 


What cable are you using, is it the Porsche cable or a USB cable?  


How old is the iPod? 




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Hi Beanoir and DKR 77.

My car is 2016 model, with PCM and Bose sound system. I tried connecting with a normal USB cable and the ipod is an ipod touch....maybe 3 or 4 years old. The system finds the ipod OK and displays the tracks, and shows that a track is playing, but there's no sound. I spoke with my Porsche dealer who couldn't help over the phone, although I was informed that it is not possible to send music to the jukebox from an ipod (it will only upload from a memory stick??). I guess I'll have to take a ride over to Nottingham and see if the dealer can help.

Thanks for your replies guys, I really appreciate it.

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Obvious advice perhaps....but have you updated the software on the iPod? Rebooted it and reconnected it? 


Have you got a friend with a different iPod/iPhone you can try?

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