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PCM Problem

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Hi Guys

I am in desperate help to try and solve this problem. I have a 2007 Cayman with standard PCM and what keeps happening is while I am driving along either listening to the radio or CD or even with the Sat Nav on route all of a sudden it is interrupted and the following messages come up : Navigation System not available .  then changes to Navigation System is being started... after this it goes back to normal as if nothing had happened but this is now happening every 10 mins or so. Everything works ok even the sat nav itself. I have tried removing the sat nav CD but this does not make any difference


please does anyone have any ideas


Many thanks



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No specific experience of this, but generally speaking, given the intermittency of the fault, I'd say a loose earth connection somewhere perhaps (if there's some sort of separate component of the sat nav system somewhere on the car - e.g. Accelerometer?), or a firmware/software corruption. 

Perhaps see if you can get a reinstall of the nav software from somewhere, if not prohibitively expensive?


sorry, not much direct help. 

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