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2008 Cayman 987


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After a few months of owning a 986 2.5 Boxster, I found myself in a position to upgrade.  It was always going to be a 2nd car, but I decided I wanted something newer, and was torn between the 987 Boxster and Cayman.  In the end I went for the Cayman after finding a good example nearby last Saturday.


She's a 6 speed, PCM2.1 with nav and 6 disc changer, grey leather, electric memory seats, reversing sensors etc... 2 owners prior to myself - the 1st of which owned the car most of its life.  Bought at and serviced by Porsche Centre Cambridge all its life - and despite the 2 year, 30,000 mile service intervals, it has been done every year without fail.  I have all the service documentation and a file of receipts almost an inch thick for the car covering every bit of work it's ever had done.  She's done 123,000 miles, but you wouldn't know it from the condition of the car inside or out, save for a few stone chips on the bonnet, and a bit of lacquer peel on the passenger door.


I'm absolutely made up with the car and can see me keeping this one for a good while!  I'll get some better photo's when I get time, at the moment I'm just enjoying driving it before I go on holiday for a week on Sunday!



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Nice! I love the colour, seems a good spec too. It's reassuring to me that there are examples out there with higher mileage that are still running without issue!


Do you have much planned for it?



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Forgot in the specs that it has the PASM also.


I don't have much planned for it to be honest, other than to enjoy driving it!  I have the infamous trunk clunk so I'm going to sort that, and there's some lacquer peel on the passenger door which I'll get sorted.  At some point I may entertain an aftermarket exhaust as my only complaint about the car at the moment is that it's much quieter than my 986 was, and if I'm doing that I'll probably look at the intake side as well.  I don't want to go crazy with it, and I'd retain all the standard bits so I could put it back if necessary.  I'm also toying with a Dension gateway to replace the disc changer as I tend to keep a lot of music on my iPhone.

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