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Sunday Woes!!

s3 akr

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......and so another Mol battery bites the dust!!! Took it off the CEK trickle charger this morning, ready for a nice Sunday blast. Got in. Turned the key. All sorts of error messages on the dash, then the windows dropping an inch every time the key was turned, accompanied by the starter clicking like a toy gun!

1 week ago it was fine -used it with no trouble, put it away, connected the charger as normal. 

Decamped into the Leon, got 3 miles down the road and that went into limp mode, then after another mile, overheated. Typical - our new S3 is due to arrive at the dealer this week, and now the car it's replacing is about to cost me a load more wedge.

Porsche Assist sent me the AA for the PCR and, after the usual story of "they all do that", a jump start at least let me get it out of the garage to turn it around and reverse it back in so I can at least access the battery to jump it again to get it going. The AA confirmed the battery was giving 12.4 volts, but only 114 amps - dead cell. Being the battery I suspect OPC won't want to know on the warranty, even though I've only had the car a year and 4k miles. 

An already expensive week ahead - 6 yr service (belt and brake fluid) on the PCR, plus a major service on the Leon. The week just got a whole lot more expensive!

So now we're just down to old faithful - the 2003 Mini Cooper S!!

Happy Sunday!!

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I know - double ouch!


New battery is going to be £190 after a 12% discount for asking nicely. That'll be on the car tomorrow.


The Leon has cost £55 for recover to Seat this morning, and then they want to pull my pants down and charge £70 to read the error code I already gave them, even though an error code check is part of the major service it's having there tomorrow - we'll be talking about that particular charge later! If they insist on charging then the service will be cancelled in favour of an independent. 

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Got my £70 diagnosis fee back from Seat........... and it only cost me £760 !!  (repairs and service included!) PCR all serviced yesterday too with drive belt and brake fluid @ £660. With the PCR battery costs (£190) and recovery of the Seat (£55) its not been a great week financially but at least its all over now !



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