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Gravel rash front edge of sill/wheel arch. Paint missing.


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Hello all. My first post so hello! I've been doing my research on pistonheads and have entered the world of Cayman ownership with a nice 987. I just have a question. I drove my car on quite a long tour and noticed when back that it has developed a case of what I heard as gravel rash on the front sills and lower arches behind the front tyres. It was just motorway and B road driving but quite a long journey. I've noticed areas of paint are missing in small areas on the leading edges of the sills and extreme edge of lower arches and bar metal is showing . Obviously I want to get it fixed. Any idea or opinions if I should take it to Porsche to do? Obviously I know they'll charge more but presume the repair will be less likely to corrode in the future if done to their standards or is this not true? Also any idea of cost for this? I'm yet to ask for a quote. I'm bracing myself as to cost.


the other area of the car I've noticed I'll have to get sorted is there is some minor (I hope) bubbling where the front bonnet catch is fastened onto the bonnet. I read that is common due to dissimilar metals. 



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I would find a top notch, recommended local bodywork specialist if it were me.  The areas you are talking about should not be difficult to repair and I wouldn't have thought will be eye watering.  


Bubbling of rust around the front boot catch is very very common, I would ask them to sort that also whilst having the other bits done.  

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Thank you guys!


I was in Porsche opc in Belfast for something else and asked and they sent me along to Agnew who they use for body stuff. I looked up Agnew and they seem to have won some awards so I hope they're ok. they're going to take back the small areas, and paint and lacquer then apply some protective film. They're also going to do the bonnet catch. Small glitch was it has "porsche" stripes that wrap along the edge but they reckon they can re join them up with new vinyl as they have the measurements.

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I am also from Belfast and own a very reputable detailing company here.  I absolutely wouldn't use Agnews given the finishes I see.


I would highly reccomend Curries in Blackstaff Way, W J Blairs in Doagh or TK Motors in Bangor.  


As for PPF I can sort that for you as I'm one of the few companies here that actually do it

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Hi PMGPete. I've had to delay looking at getting the paint touched up as getting something else sorted with it this week. I'll bare those body shops in mind. I've been looking at places to do a valet every now and then so I'll possibly drop you a line. 

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