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HI all,


I have been thinking about a new aftermarket front spoiler for my 987.1. However, I have seen mixed reviews in different locations about the company who supply the items called "Xclusive Customz"


My question is if anybody has purchased anything from Xclusive Customz, what was the company like and what was the quality of the product also if the painted and fitted for you?


Link to bumper -


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I've had the spoiler and side skirt from them. Body shop I used said the skirts were good quality and easy to fit and I actually had Xclusive paint and fit the spoiler while I waited.


only issue I had was the spoiler cracked along the split line on the top blade where the two fibreglass mounds meet in some extreme heatwave we had last year. They did send me a replacement though so overall been happy with what they supplied. 

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many thanks for the response Equinox. I was a bit worried as they had very mixed reviews online. I am only 30 miles away from their location, so from your feedback, I will look on to getting the bumper from them.



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