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    Cayman Owners Christmas Wish List

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      Title: Cayman Owners Christmas Wish List

    As the silly season approaches there tends to be 2 questions that everybody struggles to answer, one being the obligatory “what are you doing for Christmas?” (although in my house that question has been asked as early as June by the in-laws).  The next question that can often be tricky for the ‘person who has it all’ is “what do you want for Christmas?” 


    So, we’ll try and make it easy for your dear other half/parents/children/work secret Santa – we’ve made a list for any Cayman fan to hand over whenever that question is asked!


    Cayman T-Shirt - £15 (Amazon)


    Cayman T.PNG


    Any Cayman owners wardrobe would be ill equipped without at least one item of clothing paying tribute to our favourite 2 seater coupe. 

    Get your Cayman T-shirt here




    Porsche Boxster and Cayman: The Complete Story - £25 (Amazon)




    We reviewed a copy of this book by Johnny Tipler last year and it contains much of what any Cayman owner would expect to read about.  The complete story…up to a point, but that shouldn’t put you off – just keep a look out for the next chapter!


    Buy your copy from Amazon here




    Cayman GT4 CS 1:18 Scale Model - £85 (GT Spirit and Amazon)


    GT4 CS Model.jpg


    Once those Christmas decorations have been put away the house always looks a bit bare, fear not you could now have something to adorn your mantelpiece all year round….right?  GT Sprit make some nice scale models and this 1:18 scale GT4 is no exception.  Available to buy on Amazon


    Buy your scale model GT4 CS here




    Radio Controlled Cayman R - $35 (Various)

    RC CR.jpg

    Whose life would not be complete with such a toy!?  Given the humble cost of this RC model, we think it represents a relatively faithful reproduction of the much loved Cayman R and provides for a good few hours entertainment chasing the pets around the front room after a few too many glasses of eggnog on the big day!


    Buy your Radio Controlled Cayman R here



    Project Cars 2 - £25 (Zavvi)




    Project Cars 2 is not for the casual gamer, but for those who take their racing sims far more seriously (some take it very seriously!).  This edition brings a nice list of Porsche cars to the game, one of which is a 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport. 


    We're definitely fans of this one, see you online!

    Buy Project Cars 2 here

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    Saw this in the CABO UK Facebook group just now and thought it looked a lot tidier than most at that price if there's anyone out there looking.

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    Hi everyone,    Having lost my job (professional car designer) due to Covid19 I've decided to focus on what I love doing and I'm passionate about and hopefully turn it into a business: designing custom parts for Porsche cars starting with the 987 platform initially.   The idea is to have a UK based business without the need to import from other countries, but equally I'd be happy to ship anywhere in the world. For us here in UK I see not may options and more importantly they

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    PCM 3 bluetooth query

    Hi The telephone stuff all works fine, but is there a way that when my phone is paired with the PCM and I have a podcast on my phone that it can stream itself through the car hi-fi, ditto for the Google Maps voiceover on my phone..... I can't quite work out what buttons/settings to press. Best regards Julian    

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    First engine fault scare

    PSM failure Start stop disabled Engine light came on Running rough, no power   Oh no,  this sounds expensive!!!   Off/on and all seemed ok until a few miles later and same again.      6 new coils later and all good.   2 had failed,  1 was intermittent and one had faulted in the past. 

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    Tailpipe design

    Looking to get a new tailpipe. Is there any advantage/disadvantage over getting the one in the link over the oem T design   https://www.cargraphic.de/en/your-vehicle/for-porsche/for-cayman/for-9872/for-29l/exhaust-system-and-components/sport-tailpipes-for-porsche-9872-cayman-29l/perp87er35rx/

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    There will be many eyes rolling at the title I'm sure and much has been written on many an internet forum on the topic of N-rated tyres.   But I'm not here to enter the murky depths of whether an N-rated tyre has a different rubber compound to it's non-rated equivalent, nor am I going to make any claims as to the performance differences and whether by not using N-rated tyres you will find yourself in a ditch one day.     Today, I'm focussing on something more specific, and answering th

    The Doc
    The Doc
  • BrandsHatch2

    Member Albums


    Cayman adventures

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    Member Albums

    Old Winchester Hill, Hampshire.

    Took this today during a quick blast out this afternoon.

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    Forest Pit Stop

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