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    More on the 2019 Porsche Mission E

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      Title: More on the 2019 Porsche Mission E

    Full details on the production version of Porsche's all-electric performance car



    So how much do you want to know about the real Mission E, the all-electric performance car that Porsche are bringing in to production in 2019.

    The details are interesting, the car looks fantastic, travels at ludicrous speed and provides some much needed competition to the Tesla cars.  





    The 2019 Mission E will launch with a sports coupe style with a low and sleek profile, very similar to the first concept we saw in September 2015. There are some subtle changes though, namely the wide arches which is a shame but maybe to be expected.  


    The car will use a slightly re-desinged version of the body shell from the Cross Turismo, albeit with a different roof and will ride much lower.





    Mission-E will do 0-62mph in ‘less than 3.5 seconds’ and It’ll also get to 125mph in ‘less than’ 12 seconds and have a top speed of ‘more than’ 155mph says Porsche officially and we believe the 'less/more-than' is the important aspect of these claims phrase. We fully expect typical Porsche conservatism on the numbers here.  


    These bonkers statistics are delivered by a pair of powerful motors, front and rear, totalling more than 600bhp.  They’re the permanent magnet synchronous type, as used by Nissan and others.  They’re more power-dense and temperature-stable than Tesla’s induction motors.


    To keep the acceleration strong all the way to top speed, two-speed gearboxes will be used. The 918 decouples its front motor at speed; it’s conceivable the Mission E will have a two-speed box at the back and a decoupling clutch at the front. It’s fundamentally a rear-biased car anyway, as the rear motor is more powerful than the front.





    As you would expect of a Porsche the braking is going to be pack leading and Porsche confirms it will have computer ‘blended’ braking where the pedal is effectively a request for retardation rather than a mechanical link to the discs. A computer works out whether to get that retardation from the discs or the motors.  





    Ok, so following the 718 Cayman release we all know how emotional we can be with how a Porsche should sound.   The Mission-E won’t sound like a flat 6 for obvious reasons.  However Porsche R&D chief Michael Steiner says: “It needs to be low noise, but with more emotion. But not a false V8 or flat-six sound. We could synthesise that, but it would be silly. The sound will be linked to the technology.”  





    Battery Charge & Range

    It takes just fifteen minutes to charge the Mission-E, from flat to 80%. By about 2020, there will be a network of EV chargers across continental Europe, no more than 75 miles apart. They also include a contactless payment system, so as soon as you drive up they’re ready to go. 


    There are currently a plethora of different routes to charging your electric vehicle and different methods to pay and which will work and which won't.  We expect a format war of sorts over the coming years and hopefully they will one day all accept the same USB plug ;) 


    Porsche claim the Mission-E will cover 500km on the NEDC cycle but expect a lot less in real world driving. This still falls short of the Tesla comparable models which is disappointing.  







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