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    718 Cayman vs. 981 GT4

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    • Title: 718 Cayman vs. 981 GT4

    A comparison....for a bit of light hearted Friday amusement!   


    Tire Rack's Jonny Lieberman goes for a drive in his friend Derek Powell’s Porsche Cayman GT4. Why? Because Lieberman suspects the new Cayman S, in typical Porsche fashion, is just as capable as the top dog from the previous iteration of the mid-engine two-seater. The two hop into the brand-new, four-cylinder, turbocharged 718 to see if there’s any truth to Jonny’s Lieberman’s assertion. After coming to no definitive answer while blasting around California’s Angeles Crest Highway, the boys decide to take both Caymans to the Streets of Willow to see what pro driver Randy Pobst can make of them. Is the new 718 Cayman S good enough to beat and beat up on the GT4? Watch and find out!





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    Highland Fling

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    A fair comparison review from our USA testers in my opinion. The GT4 is always going to feel more racy on the track due to it's Porsche Motorsport department development. But, and it's a big "but", the 718 CS PDK with all the sporty options fitted, e.g., PDK plus Sport Chrono, -20mm Sport PASM, 8.5" and 10.5" 20" Carrera Sport alloys, and mechanical locking differential, will give the GT4 a serious run for it's money on the track.


    As the Ignition race driver remarked on the film, the GT4 has Michelin Cup 2 tyres as standard, while the 718 CS comes with the more road focused Pirelli P Zero tyres. Cup 2's are worth at least a couple of seconds a lap on a twisty track as was the case for this test. Michelin Cup 2's on the 718 CS would at the very least match, and may even beat the GT4 on twisty track lap times such as shown on this film.


    My 718 CS PDK has now done 8200 miles and is getting quicker, and quicker. On the track it is faster, better brakes, more grip, and just as playful compared to my previous 987.2 Cayman R manual.  

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