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Mods on 987 gen.2 Cayman S, what to do next ?


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Gents thoughts please, I’ve got the modding bug bad on this one!  


So my manual Gen.2 S is to be a semi focused drivers car for weekends, road trips and say max 4 track days per year, it’s already on 62,000 miles and I intend to keep it a long while and make it my spec. So far I have fitted as follows:


GT3 MC and braided lines with GT3 brake ducts

Carnewal exhaust

Desnork Mod

Ohlins R+T Coilovers and setup by CG

Sprintbooster (as no sport Chrono)

17inch road wheels, 19’s for the track with 8mm spacers


Ready to be fitted :

Function First orange engine mount and semi-semi solid gearbox mounts

Brembo sport HP2000 pads all round (not keen on the cost of the Pagids as consumable so trying these first)


Next on my list are tyres (Michelin Cup 2’s or PS4S tyres for the 19’s) after that in no real particular order are :

Short shift

Wavetrac LSD and fit switchable PSM completely off via yaw control  

Adjustable lower control arms for increased negative camber

200 cell cats

Recaro Pole position driver seat and harness + bar


Other engine mods I’m ruling out for now on cost versus reward basis, or am I missing something ? Brakes I am happy with for now but I know for track I may have to go to Pagids and/or Girodiscs one day.


So thoughts please from those who may have done similar or who want to chip in, my question is what am I going to get the most from ? Realistically I am only going to be able to do 1 or 2 of these in the next 12 months, I am currently leaning towards short shift and Wavetrac with Psm off switch fitted.

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If you’re only planning 4 track days a year I wouldn’t bother with switching between wheel sets.  And 19” wheels for the track is an odd choice, I wouldn’t go bigger than 18” and would find a decent set of lightweight wheels and stick with them for all round use. 


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The sprint booster really is a good mod, i'm not sure why they don't get more votes to be honest.  Transformed my R and made heel/toe much better.  De-snork i'm not sure adds anything.  


The rest all seems reasonable, although i'm probably echo the comment above on why 19" wheels for track.  I can understand having them for aesthetics but thats all. 


If you're doing engine and gearbox mounts i'd also consider upgrading the gear selection cables. 

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Thanks, I could sell the 19's I guess but I really like the 17's for the road so will keep them whatever they were cheap and tyres are too. Ref 18's problem is I really want a set of BBS LM's and they are £££ so that will have to wait for a while.


Agree ref sprintbooster, the desnork takes 15 mins, is free and probably only really adds more intake noise but pretty easy to swap back.


Good point ref cables will look into those.



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