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2007 cayman


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Welcome Paul! 


Scare red stories with just about any car, but some have an element of truth to them and are issues to be aware of.  They are not something to scare you off though, just be aware of.  


So come on, give us a bit more info on the new car then??? 



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Hi Paul


Back in April I was in the same situation, having desired a Cayman for a few years I was always scred of the stories. I took the plunge with a 2006 2.7 and 12000kms later I am delighted. The fear has gone and I just enjoy the experience. It is my daily driver and I love it. If it breaks then it will be the same as any car I might have owned  or purchased. 

Best of luck and enjoy.



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Welcome along Paul.


I too own a 2.7 gen 1. It gets abused every day for the daily commute, track days and road trips. The fear disappears with anything engine related as Gear linkage cables are the most likely thing to go! 


Any car is likely to have issues but you only hear of the car makes and models ones owned by 'enthusiasts' and not your usual Mondeo driver etc... so take it all with a pinch of salt.

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I recently bought a 2006 S. absolutely love it. She is in for major service and scoping for bore score on Friday so I'll update then. I'm fortunate enough o have a budget to resolve any issues but I can honestly say that despite any potential pit falls she has made me smile every day. Amazing beast!  

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