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Posting a link to another thread in a thread...


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Mods, please see: 

I tired to post a link to my thread here: 

But as you can see, you can't see the thread, just a banner? So why does the top link to today's post work, but that to my thread as above not work?

I'm trying to link to...


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Pay attention Bond...


When you post a link it asks you at the bottom of the editor screen (a black box) asking if you want to embed the link or display as a link only, the latter being the option you want to select for what you're trying to post.  


Like so...


Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 12.54.03.png


Click 'Display as Link Instead' and it will display like so...


Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 12.54.22.png


Not all web page links will give you the option, so try pasting from the BBC website for instance and it will automatically display as a plain link, whereas Youtube for instance it will automatically embed but will give you the option as above to display as link.  Our website acts like Youtube.  






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I've never looked at any of that "Q" stuff M. What I've been doing is copying the browser line and pasting that as a link. This is the "foolproof" way to ensure the correct link address. 


That worked for "Tyre Wear" but not for my old "N0 tyres" thread. Why would the first correctly show as a link to that thread, yet the 2nd doesn't?



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