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Advice please

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I have a 987.1 CS and recently the cooling fan has come on frequently.

hsving checked the front radiators I discovered they were full of leaves which I then removed, but the following fan remains.

The temperature gauge doesn’t move from it’s normal 80*c position but when I get out of the car the engine smells hot. My local Porsche garage is 90 miles away so I can’t pop in, so I thought I’d ask on here first!

Any advice or similar previous experiences would be greatly appreciated.

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Have you checked coolant and oil levels? 


Check the rads for visible signs of damage and leaks under the front of the car? Any oil patches on the floor at the rear? 


These cars do smell anyway at idle, a hot burning rubber type smell is fairly normal.  If the temp gauge is ok and remains that way then it’s probably ok, after a drive does it move at all? 



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mine always smells a bit of hot antifreeze after a run and yes I have to top up the antifreeze levels at a rate of about a mug full every 1000 miles. but I cant find any leaks or weeps and the gauge never goes above 80 so I just make sure that i pressure wash the radiators and grills weekly to keep them free of crud and crap. in traffic, I find the fans come on most of the time and apart from the howl they make, doesn't seem to be a problem. I only use Motul Ultra coolant and check the levels every week as Caymans and Boxsters are notorious for airlocks in the cooling system and a b**stard to bleed.

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Thanks for the replies.

I’ve replaced both condensers for the aircon in the past month so it’s only the bottom inch of the rads showing anyway?? The temp gauge doesn’t budge so I don’t think there’s too much amiss and if it didn’t smell hot I wouldn’t worry...... I’ll get my garage to flush it all through in the new year and see what happens!


Happy Christmas 

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