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Unplanned Morning Drives - What's Your Record ??

s3 akr

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Got up at 6:30 one Sunday morning in September, set off at 7am for the gym but decided to take the R. Ended up in Nottingham via back roads and twisties. I live in Colchester!  The unplanned outing had me passing by Braintree, Bishops Stortford, Baldock, Bedford, Peterborough, Oakham, Melton Mowbray, Grantham to name but a few! Had a cuppa at my Grans then headed home on a more direct route. Just shy of 400 miles covered for a 7 mile trip to the gym!


Awesome day out, awesome drive, some good roads, some crappy ones, but all that time driving the Cayman without any particular target location or time, on whatever road took my fancy was awesome.


The unplanned stuff is often some of the best. What was yours ?

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I live in Melton Mowbray and visited Colchester Kawasaki a couple of times... That's a very impressive no plan road trip, I can't even get close to that. But shall see what the summer brings  ?

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