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Door mirror wrap?

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Has anyone had their door mirror housings wrapped? I've been told it would have to be done in several pieces and I'm concerned that the joins would spoil the appearance.


I could have the mirror housing painted but to do that well it would need to be removed, and that would mean removing the mirror glass first - how is the mirror glass removed? Anyway I'm a bit wary of having the mirror glass removed in case it gets broken - a replacement for the drivers side costs £460 (!!!!) and about £360 for the passenger side from the OPC (I have auto-dimming mirrors).


I'd also be interested in getting the side grills wrapped but again I think it would need to be done in several pieces.

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Re the grills - rather than wrapped, why not just paint them (if you’ve done to the effort of removing them to wrap them), or that vinyl dip stuff (don’t know what it’s called), but you can get all sorts of effects like carbon fibre, cammo, Ali etc...

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