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Greetings from California


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Hi All, 

Bought our first Porsche in January, a 2012 Cayman R, peridot, manual, 8,700 miles, never tracked.  


Always loved Porsches, my father had a few when I was a kid, including an RS lightweight and RS Touring - back in the early 80’s when they were worth less than a new 911.


We love it so far, although we have little girls though so we don’t get to drive it as much as we’d like.


We live 45 minutes from Sears Point and 1.5 hours from Laguna Seca, and I’m thinking of taking it to the track but I’m kind of concerned about resale.  There was another Cayman R for sale in Texas when I bought ours, a PDK, and people were bidding on it, then someone posted video of a previous owner thrashing it on a track on multiple occasions and the auction was cancelled.   Not sure what happened with that sale, but honestly I wouldn’t have bought that car after the videos I saw, but then again I wouldn’t drive my car that hard on a track.  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind driving somebody else’s car that hard if they said go for it, like those race car rentals you can do, but I’m paying for anything I break.


Anybody have have any insight on whether going to the track automatically stigmatizes the car?


I guess there’s always the over rev report?

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Should be be fine on track unless you abuse the car and don’t maintain it correctly.  You have a PdK so over-revs shouldn’t be a problem ??

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I have a manual.  I actually had no interest in the pdk, and wouldn’t have bought an R with an automatic box (check out the manual gearbox preservation society on Facebook.). I have nothing against pdk, it’s just not for me.  I could have sworn I read you could still overrev the pdk on downshifts though if you’re in manual mode downshifting through turns, and/or going down steep hills/mountains.  The car I was talking about in Texas that didn’t sell was a pdk.

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Welcome to the OC Kermit! 


Yep, biggest threat on a manual is over-revs on the downshift, just be careful really is all you can do.  Get to know the car first and the box before going mad on track.  Laguna Seca would be awesome, I've only ever seen it on a computer game!!  

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