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Hello from MK


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Hello all,


After two desperately dreary years with diesel company cars and being stuck for parking, I am now leaning towards fun car ownership again, particularly as close friends have just swapped their cars recently.


My current train of thought is for a 987 gen 1 2.7, however I am struggling to find any examples locally to have a good look around.  Are there any local meets where I can ask questions, compare seats etc etc?  





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I've always had a soft spot for the 2.7 - you can rev the nuts off it and get a good workout rowing through the gears, without necessarily hitting license losing speeds. 


And, with the gen 1 cars, the 2.7 is a generally safer bet than the 3.4 in terms of things going wrong. 


I'm sure there must be someone on here who has one, that can give you some insight on ownership, and perhaps take you for a spin at a meet. We are in the process of trying to arrange a few more regular meets, but it can be like herding cats, especially in the summer when people are going away on holiday. Some of the good indies seem to be doing regular meets now, though - both 9 Excellence and JZM have had a couple this year, might be worth piggybacking on one of those sometime. 

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