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Bedford Autodrome 21st July


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Just booked on to the 08:00 ‘how fast can you go’ session this Saturday at Bedford - only £99




Anyone else going?

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Was in good company today (my white CS down the ‘rank’). 


The speed yellow GT4 was an Italian fella’s who’d come over from Italy (obviously), been to Donnington Park yesterday, dropped his son at Canterbury uni this morning and was smashing in a Bedford Autodrome session before heading back to Italy tomorrow. 


Now thats commitment - no worries about mileage there. 


It was the clubsport model with half roll cage - very nice.  The 911 was from Germany (as in, driven from - not just ‘made in’.... ?).


great morning and so much ‘bang for buck’ and less anxiety inducing than a usual open pit general track day, as there were only 2 cars at a time on the track for the timed laps, and only 10cars in the whole session. 


1 hour of ‘free for all’ siting laps followed by out lap, 2 timed hot laps + 1 cool down. Also got driven around the track as a group in a minibus being talked through the bends, breaking points etc. 


Nice bunch of guys there - a well spent £99, and only an hour from home. 




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Nice was it the full track or just one off the 2 smaller ones they can run?

Also what time did you get as I have done a how fast day there on a wet day in my focus RS many year's ago

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7 hours ago, Nail it said:

Nice was it the full track or just one off the 2 smaller ones they can run?

Also what time did you get as I have done a how fast day there on a wet day in my focus RS many year's ago

It was the West circuit at 1.8 miles length. 


My quickest time of 18 practice laps was 1:38.7. 


And my quickest ‘hot lap’ was 1:35.6.  It was bone dry and 25degC   


There was a ‘regular’ using a MSV Aerial Atom who was consistently 1:26. 


And 2 M4s and an M3 that we’re hitting 1:29 - 1:30. 


Im not fast, I’m still learning the whole art of ‘stitching together’ of braking sufficiently hard to remove the speed for turn in, gently off the brake to leave weight over the front wheels for turning in, levelling the car, putting in the turn,  and then dialling out the turn as I press in the power to distribute weight to the rear for grip for accelerating. 


I’m also mindful that I want to drive my car home in one piece on normal road tyres that need to remain road legal....


The M3 driver’s tyres were down to canvass by the time he left! ?


What times have you achieved there? Ever taken your GT4?


i would love to do another ‘how fast’ event with a group from the CoC ??????

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Same West circuit as me then,I was on a how fast day with mountune,  the weather was wet and raining, but as we finished the practice hour it had stopped but the track was still wet.

I was out 3rd and still wet with a bit of standing water in places, I tried to push on my out lap and wet off on the fast right hand sweeper on the way to the back of the circuit ( just over 100 mph on to wet grass was fun, err not lol) any way started my flying lap as you only had one go and managed  a1:37.67. The fastest on the day was another focus rs 500 which did 1:33.88 but he went last and by then there was a nice dry line.

My focus was modded but running low setting as couldn't get the power down 100% even on this setting, but it was a fun morning.


Would be good to get a few Cayman's together for this sort of thing, as it's cheap to do and fun, plus the banter on and day and after would be amusing as well lol

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