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Track day bunny!


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Hardly the best track day experience on Friday, but it was certainly eventful. 


After being stuck on the motorway for three and a half hours getting there, we were treated to a torrential thunderstorm, which, when combined with a track that had been baking in the heatwave for the past month, made for very greasy conditions, especially when you're running Cup 2 tyres!


So I got there completely exhausted, having spent so long stuck in traffic in the car that the last thing I really wanted to do was drive, especially given the sketchy conditions. 


As if that wasn't enough, when I did venture out between rain showers, I also had to contend with local wildlife! Heading down the back straight on my first lap out I experienced a literal 'bunny in headlights' moment, as a rabbit ran out into the middle of the track! Luckily I managed to scrub enough speed, and the rabbit was smart enough to run back to safety or it wouldn't have ended well for either of us - arguably worse for him of course. 


Video below - the attempted bunny suicide is around 2:10 if you don't want to waste too much of your time watching my tired, poor driving performance :)




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I’ve just watched the new Peter Rabbit film with the kids this avo, so I’d have been unconsolable if you’d hit the poor lil’ bunny... ????


love the sports design wheel, can’t wait till my ‘Porsche Fund’ piggy bank is full and I can smash it to get one. 


Nicely driven by the look of it too, despite the wet track. That’s a long lap on the west circuit isn’t it ?

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You and me both; I love bunnies ??


The Sport Design wheel is a huge improvement on the standard wheel I had on my 997 C2S, especially with the Alcantara finish - well worth the upgrade. 


Yep, Bedford is long, but the GT configuration is the best - there are a couple of extra hairpins that are really good fun; although I've driven in far worse conditions on the full GT ?



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Nice pirouette by the lotus at the end there ????


I (kind of)  like the experience in the wet - Brands was running rivers back in april.  It allows you to ‘play with the back end more’ (so to speak ??) in a pretty safe environment. 

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