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£36,000 settlement for CR Emissions cheating

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Raises a few questions:

1. Am I happy to pay less road tax and be glad they did it?

2. Is that a cheap settlement compared to the $4.3billion VW had to pay?

3. Do I like the flat spot in the acceleration curve that we all assumed was as a result of emissions cheating years ago?

4. Is this settlement available to all CR owners and if so how do I claim?


Mr Cieslik, are you a member and would you care to comment?


If we can all claim the value of CR's will rocket!

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I don’t think it’s unique to the 987 R. 


I had RPM Technik spend a couple of hours in March investigating a ‘hesitation’ in acceleration on my 987.2 S - most noticeable between 2000-3000 rpm in 2nd and 3rd only - using the PIWIS and checking sensor and actuator positions to conclude nothing was wrong. 


I had previously put it down to cr@p Tesco (‘premium’) fuel and only use Shell V-power now.   The hesitation still remains, though marginally less (subjectively) noticeably, and I’ve just accepted that it’s a ‘quirk’ of Cayman throttle factory-mapping characteristics. 


Theres no hesitation in the same Rev range in 1 / 5 / 6 gear. 



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Now I know why my tiptronic always wants to start in second gear from a full stop and never really uses 1st.


quote from above article:


"The report that emerged indicated that Porsche reduced the Cayman R's emissions from the 227g/km achieved in other European markets to 221g/km by conducting the test by starting off in second gear"

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