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Throttle hesitation between 1500-3000 rpm

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I’ve previously had some diagnostics done by RPM Technik of what I can best describe as a ‘hesitation’ in the throttle variously within the range of circa 1500-3000rpm at lower speeds in 3rd / 4th gear.  It’s almost like it’s misfiring (but no misfires recorded in the ECU). 


RPM found no issues (they spent >2hrs using PIWIS plugged in on test drives etc). 


In May last year there was an article in several motoring journals about a Cayman R owner (John Ceislick) who won ~£30k from Porsche in a claim against them in respect of a safety case arising from a throttle hesitation. 


Here: https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/industry/porsche-accused-manipulating-cayman-r-uk-emissions-test


And here’s a link to some relevant court documentation relating to the case:



articles 2, 4, 39, 45, 46 & 57 make for interesting reading...



found this very interesting video:


anybody know this guy?


Now, any lawyers amongst us that want to bring a class action of COC members against Porsche GB viz the ‘infamous’ Cayman flat spot to get us all some compo.... 🤔😉👍🏻

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You’d think so... 🤔


and clearly somehow thenissie issue has been resolved in mr ceislicks cayman as the 2nd part of the video link above shows the issue absent on the data logger. 


But in all the searches I’ve been doing on the issue I’ve not found any mention of a remap fix. 


Does anyone else experience the rev hesitation?


has anyone had a remap done that ‘smooths out’ the hesitation / flat spot?

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I’ve not had the hesitation but I’ve not been looking for it. I suspect all have it and it’s a case of once you’ve found it you can’t ignore it? 

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