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Spa Classic....recommendations re logistics


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Morning all


Myself and a mate (in the process of buying a Cayman) are planning to do Spa Classic this year, looking at the Pistonheads packages etc, not a bad option, but imagine as with most things Porsche the less straightforward route might be more rewarding! The ferry route seems the most direct, but we're open to some extra driving, want to pick up some Autobahn Action whilst in the region, and Eurotunnel to Calais seems quite cost effective too. Any suggestions re 

  • Touring routes to get there, and
  • Hotels that are in the region and worth a try?



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I did the Classic in 2017 and we're going again this year.  We stayed in Monschau, just over the border in Germany.  It's about a 30 minute drive to the track on some nice open country roads.  Monschau is a small very picturesque old town with a number of hotels.


The Classic is a fairly small low key event so its not too busy and you have free access to all the grandstands and paddock.  Cheap too, I think a weekend ticket was about €50 and parking €5 per day.  


Can't really advise on routes though as we pretty much did the google maps route. 

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I've done a few track days there so obviously much quieter.


Stayed at the Villa Louise in Stavelot.


Nice rustic feel, good breakfast and nice pizzaria 5 mins walk away.


Also about 5 mins from the circuit

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