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Fog Light: opening up / disassembly

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Both the fog lights on my Cayman gen 2 are looking rather sorry for themselves - it looks like water has got inside at some point and the silver reflectors are corroding and falling to pieces inside.  it looks like a mess.


So, is there a way of removing the lens from the metal body of the fog light in order to clean out the mess inside?  


I could buy new fogs, but they're fairly dear for what they are, and I'm happy to do a bit of DIY.


Alternatively, does anyone know where I might pick up some replacement fogs on the cheap.  eBay doesn't throw anything up unfortunately.

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Hi Jonflat2,


I have the same issue on one of mine. Not sure what you would do with it if you could open it up? Maybe spray the reflector silver? Maybe the oven heating method you see on You Tube would work?


The Gen2 front fogs seem to be like rocking horse.....


The cheapest I have seen them is around £200 new.


Let me know how you get on.



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My local specialist says you can remove the glass and clean them up inside, then glue back and seal with some clear sealant or similar. He reckons it a common problem.


Maybe its possible to spray the reflector silver when you have cleaned it up.

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Tried this last night, heated the edge a bit with a heat gun, and it was working lose, but would not budge. Then a chunk of glass cracked off, lucky I was wearing my goggles, so be careful if you try this.


From what I could see, the glass was properly sealed, so had not leaked, but the body and the reflector inside were very rusty, so must have been years of salt rusting it, and then this got inside.


Its so rusty that I've ordered a new one. Even if I got the old one open, I dont think the repair would be good or last long.

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Question on these. Are gen 2 fogs LED as stock or halogen? When mine come on with come home mode they illuminate instantly, no warm up so clearly not halogen. Not sure if they’re after market. When I bought the car it had aftermarket HIDs mains which I swapped for LED.

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11 hours ago, GlosRich said:

They are halogen as standard, but there was an LED option if you look in the parts manual.


Thanks, I’ll get the build sheet off Porsche and see what was specced so know when I come to replace if they’re after market. I suspect they are.


They look the mutts when they come on with come home mode as the car is lower on HR springs so you get these big white pools of light spreading out. Bit posey but pleases my simian mind :D 


i really need to get the fogs and the mains polished. If that’s possible without damaging the surrounds as there’s not much lens on the fogs. My light covers are stone scratched to hell ha.

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