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Feeling broken in Evenley

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My journey to my hotel is going to be a lot longer than usual.


My clutch works, I have drive, but I am stuck in gear and my gear stick is a floppy knob.

When the breakdown company arrives I have elected to get my car taken to my hotel (who I have rung but only get their answer phone). This hotel is in the middle of nowhere and I am guessing the nearest garage is at least a dozen miles away. 


It was only serviced recently.

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You might be lucky if one of the cable connectors has popped off at the gearbox rather than broken.  This hapened to the buyer of one of our 987s and the AA guy popped it back on and straped it back in place.

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On 17/06/2019 at 07:37, graham.reeds said:

Straight on a low loader and to my hotel. 


Now to get in touch with Porsche and see if it covered by their warranty.

Did you get this sorted Graham?


was it a disconnected cable, or something more serious?


did your warranty cover it?

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Okay. Update is this.


They gave me a Volvo V90 as a courtesy car via Enterprise.


It took them until Thursday to triage the issue. It then took them until the Tuesday of the following week to send me a quote for the work. £6.8k. Such gems as the gear linkage (£750), AC weeping (£1600), AC top up (£350), front disks in correctly fitted (left on right and vice versa) (£1100), a clean out of a drainage hole (£180) and the clutch.  No where on this quote was how much was covered by warranty.  Also considering that the brakes were fitted by Porsche it was kind of rich to expect me to pay for the correction.


Turns out that the gear linkage and AC issue was covered by my warranty, which also in my mind negates the need for an AC top up.


Brakes apparently are low and will need replacing soon but I thought as they incorrectly fitted by Porsche then it would be on them.


Clutch feels fine. It's done nearly 70k mainly motorway miles.


So I told them to just do what was covered by warranty and I would do the rest at a later date.


Then finally on the following Monday I was informed it was done and when was I expecting to pick the car up. I said Friday as I would be passing that way on the way home.  Turns out you only have the car 24 hours after the car is completed. First I heard of this was Monday at 1730 after I had left the office.


So it was finally agreed that the would repatriate my car and inform Enterprise that my car needed picking up. FakeR was repatriated on Wednesday and Enterprise collected my car Thursday. Finally I had a phone call on the Friday asking when I would be returning the hire car.


Funnily enough I stalled the car almost instantly: The Volvo is automatic and I left foot brake naturally in them (Karting instinct). I slowed down at a junction and realised that I needed to change gear but I was left foot braking. Didn't want to let off the brakes while the person in front was braking and hit them so I forced a stall.


So I have a working car and a smile on my face!

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